Top Chicken Coops for 2016

If you on the lookout for most reliable and best chicken coops for the money then you have to check out our list. We have done all the research and found all the top-rated coops for chickens and combined them all into one big list for you. Depending on how many chickens you plan on housing is how you should base if you need a small chicken coop or a large one. It’s always better to get a large chicken coop so your hens have more room to move around and flap their wings in the morning to wake up.

Having that said, below is a list that our staff has hand-picked of the best-selling and highest rated coops for chickens just for you. Take a look and see if one of these coops look right for you and the location where it will be stored.

Reviews on the Best Chicken Coops

A chicken house supplies your group of chickens with a secure home to reside that helps to protect them from the weather and potential predators. Additionally, it offers them by using a spot to lay chicken eggs and roost during the night, whilst assisting you to keep an eye on their whereabouts. Chicken coops arrive in a number of designs, dimensions, and styles. Take a look at our chicken house list above to understand more about  coop designs  and  deciding on the best coop.

Types of Chicken Coops

Tractor Chicken Coop Kit

Little back yards or less amount of chickens will end up being the smartest choice to get a portable chicken house. The main benefit from utilizing a coop that is easily portable is that you may move it all-around in your yard, supplying the chickens utilization of fresh new regions of grass for scavaging and hunt for bugs.

The standard design for a easily transportable hen tractor kit includes a fenced-in region attached to a small house area, with little wheels below just one end of the house area. Adding handles towards the opposing end, makes it so you can now move it all-over much like the method that you move a wheel barrow. Take hold of one end on the grips, and move or propel the coop to where you want.

What you need when creating a easily portable chicken coop, and try its lift ability through all the constructing plan of action. You can easily over estimate what you are able to pick up, generally once the nesting storage units and roosts are incorporated within the hen house it weighs much more than you think. A lot of hen masters go this course, merely to wind up creating a tractor coop they can’t easily transfer even more than a few inches.

Metal Chicken Coops

Among the options could be a metal cage. These chicken metal cages have several advantages for folks with any amount of room or big yards for the reason that they will be offered in different sizes. Minor cages can be acquired when you have handful of space. These types of cages will only desire to provide when you plan to generally be putting them outside the house more often than not & caging them just for nighttime hours. These small chicken coops are definitely not cozy for chickens which prefer wide-open rooms. They usually are cost-effective nevertheless so that they are better for anyone just starting out and also require a few chickens.

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