Best PC Headsets for 2017 Guide

Best  PC Headset Guide 2017

I am going to share my research and educated review of the Turtle Beach Ear Force/Recon™ series, PC specialized headsets. I personally believe that these series of headsets are the overall best PC headsets whether it be for Stereo music streaming or strictly for gaming. Turtle Beach is already widely known for their successful sound products regarding headphones and headsets.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon™ Series headsets for PC and other systems provide the optimal balance of quality, price, and durability. These headsets are already widely known in the gaming community as they are very versatile on other gaming systems such as PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox one. The Recon 50 as a generic example, provides audio connection of 3.5 mm, Speaker frequency response of 20Hz-20 kHz, 40 mm speakers, and synthetic leather material with over-ear cup design (Recon 50, Turtle Beach gaming…, 2016). Many other of these affordable Turtle Beach series products for gaming or sound share similar qualities. These specs allow the user engage in quality audio sound that is comfortable and affordable to the user. Turtle beach headsets are very well known for their durability and effort to last… unlike many other competing cheaper counterparts.

These amazing characteristics in affordable headset marketing are what prompt the Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon™ to be so successful in the market. Many major competitors such as Logitech™ and HyperX™ constantly compete with Turtle Beach for the best-selling headset. It is agreed upon much of the gaming community that Turtle Beach excels Logitech in terms of gaming audio compatibility. While others agree that Logitech works better for communication and less fast-paced situations such as talking to a friend through a network. As a former gamer myself, I have personally owned and used both Logitech H800 Wireless Headset™ and the Turtle beach Recon 50P™ headsets for personal communication and gaming use. Through the use of my Logitech H800 I had better time voice chatting with people and an increased facilitation in communication. It has proven its worth until the day the mic on it just spontaneously stopped working; coupled with the loss of audio function on the left ear cup a couple weeks later. My Turtle Beach Recon 50P™ has lasted me 3 years compared to the 1 and a half from the Logitech and has only endured a silent mic and exposed cables due to extensive gaming use. I can still hear great quality sound with no audio interruption on my computer and play games just as smoothly. I was so satisfied with my Turtle Beach recon headset that I went out and ordered another one to use once my current one wears out of use. I believe that for the best quality and durable headsets, Turtle Beach definitely excels in overall use throughout time!

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