Having the perfect gun scope is a must. If you’re really big into hunting, shooting or guns in general you know the importance of having the best rifle scope or pistol scope. We want to be able to aim at our target; at the range you sighted your scope and are on the money every time. Especially for you big game hunters having a long range scope that’s accurate is very crucial. Below are some of the top rifle scope reviews.(Click here for pistol scopes guide)

Best Rifle Scopes For The Money 2016

Different types of rifle scopes

When looking for the right rifle scope for your gun you have a handful scopes to choose from. Find the right scope for rifle or pistol that will work best with your preference.  Below I have listed a few different types of gun scopes.

  • Red Dot Scope – Red dot and laser sights will make your trust your aim. They are very reliable for target practicing or hunting. A lot of people find the red dot make it easier to pin it on targets. But then again, everyone has their own preference on the type scope they like.
  • Range Finder Rifle Scope – These are one of the most popular and best rifle scopes on the market to have. They accurately tell you have far the target is from you. Knowing this allows you’re to get a better shooting by adjusting your scope based on the distance between you the target. Never miss your target by using a long rage rifle scope.
  • Compact Rifle Scope – These are the most common scopes for guns. They are small and made for low caliber guns or pistols and work amazing. They’re usually light weight which makes the gun not as heavy for carrying through the woods.

How to choose the best rifle scope

When choosing the best rifle scope the most important factor is the range accuracy you’re looking for. Understand the numbers and its magnification is crucial when choosing the best rifle scope. Say you have a scope that measure’s 3-9×32. What the “3-9” means how close the object will appears. If you have the scope set to a number between 3-9 and how close the object will be multiplied by and appears closer than it really is. So if you have the number set to “3” the object will appear 3x closer that what you would see with the naked eye. Then the “32” is the object lens measurement of the diameter in millimeters. High the numbers are power powerful the magnification is on the scope.

Why use a scope on guns?

Well there are a few good reason and advantage you benefits from by having a scope on your rifle or pistol. Firstly, it makes the firearm more accurate at a longer range. Using a powerful long range scope for rifles will make a huge different in accuracy when shooting at your target. Having the best rifle scope for your gun will defiantly increase your accuracy once sighted in properly.

Quick tips on how to sight in a rifle scope

If you’re looking to get the most accuracy out of your gun while shooting is to have an accurate scope that’s sighted in on the dime. If you’re looking for some tips how to sight in a scope then you’re in the right place. We’re going to share the best and fastest way to sight your rifle scope, in just a few short and simple steps.

Steps on how to sight in scopes for rifles

Sometime it can be a hassle to sight your scope in and can take a very long time. Here’s a few ideas and tips to help you sight your scope in and hopefully make the process easier and quicker. There are a few crucial steps there very important to successfully sight your gun scope properly, check out what they are below and lets get shooting!

The importance of mounting

Mount the scope is a very crucial step in this process. You want to make sure the scope is mount correctly and tightly. Make sure you have a good mount made for your guns recoil. Having a .22 caliber rifle scope on a high powered rifle can lead to flying of and could cause injury for an example. Lastly, I would suggest looking into using lock-tite while attaching the mount.

Setting up for target practice

You want to gather all the resource you might need for sighting your rifle in. Such as; bullets, binoculars, and targets to aim at that are easy to see. I would suggest setting up targets at 25, 100, and 150 yards and start on the closest one and work your way to the 100 or 150 yard mark depending on the guns ability.

Before pulling the trigger

This is always a very important step to make it much easier for sighting your scope. Set up a concoction with a solid platform for the gun to rest on, such as sandbags which work very well. If you have a tripod to stabilize the gun be sure to install if before mounting your scope. You want to aim

Adjust the rifle so when looking down the barrel it’s aiming at the target without moving the rifle. Adjust the stand until the breech is point right the center of the target. Then you want to adjust the scopes cross hair so it’s on the target without moving the gun. Now you want to aim at the 25 yard mark target where it’s the clearest to see and sight in. Then adjust the sight according to where the where the bullets hits.

More Gun Scope Reviews 2016

  • Rifle Scopes – These particular types of gun scopes are usually the more expensive and high-powered scopes. Rifles are known to shoot very long distance with great accuracy. You want to make sure you have a high-powered scope while you’re hunting with a rifle. I recommend getting a rifle between 5x-45x on a rifle for those long range shoots when needed but also, able to take close shots and still being able to sight in at 25 yards quickly and accurately.
  • Pistol Scopes – These scopes are smaller than your average scope for obvious reasons. Finding a light weight scope that fit the magnification that you are looking for is the key. You don’t want a bulky handgun scope that’s heavy.
  • Shotgun Scopes – Special scopes made for shotguns. Like rifle scopes, shotgun scopes are very similar in many ways. Having a good high resolution powered scope is good for them long range shots.
  • Night Vision Scopes – Night vision scopes are very popular and a lot people prefer having this feature on their rifle. For people who need to see their target at night time these are the types of scopes I would recommend. They work great and allow to see your target with little or no light at all.
  • Red Dot Scopes – These tactical scopes are used a lot of times on AR-15 because they are perfect for close, medium and long rang situations. They are one of the best all-around scope to buy for tactical uses. Check out some of our top rated red dot tactical rifle scope reviews.

Top Rifle Scope Reviews of 2016

Nikon ProStaff 3-9×40 Black Matte 

The Nikon being on the top compact rifle scopes with a magnification of 3×9 works amazing for people who don’t like the 12x. For a lot of people the 12x scopes are just too powerful and that’s where this scope comes into play. The 40mm objective lens is perfect for its magnification and transmits 98% of light which gives you a clear view through the scope in all types of visibility. You won’t have any worries with lighting conditions with this scope and allows you’re to hunt much easier while the sun is rising or going down.

All in all, Nikon has done an amazing job with this scope despite the low magnification. However, they make up for it with its crystal clear lens that transmits 98% of light which most people would prefer over a more powerful magnification. The best part of this scope is the great price it’s set at and is hard to find better quality scope for the price.

Sightmark Triple Duty 8.5-25×50 Riflescope

This is a great all-around scope for all use. The 8.5-25×50 magnification is great for long and mid-range and can’t find a better quality scope for the price.

The Sightmark triple duty riflescope is made from top of the line glass and lenses to ensure you get the best quality and most accurate scope on the market. The multi-coated lenses are on of its best features and give you a crystal clear view on your target either in the light or dark times of the day. This is why it’s one of the top riflescopes on Amazon.com.  From reading reviews from previous buyers, it’s clear that this is a great scope for the price. All in all, if you’re looking for very high quality scopes that can shoot and focus in on your targets from long range.

Thanks for stopping by and check out some of the best rifle scopes on the market. If you can’t the scope you are looking for here be sure to check out our resource page that has tons of great websites for all your hunting needs.

Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot Scope

Vortex Optics is based here in the United States and located out of Wisconsin. Then been manufacturing top of the line scopes and optics for over 20 years and built a strong reputation for what they do best. They are defiantly in the top 10 rifle scope brands on the market currently.

The Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot is a great scope for rifles like the AR-15 or any gun, if you like the red dot sights. You have option of choosing a red or green dot with this particular scope, sometimes you will find it easier to see the green dot over the red based on your surroundings and weather conditions. One great thing about the StrikeFire Red dot that it allows you to aim, focus on your target and shoot quickly and accurately. However, they aren’t the best rifle scopes to have when shooting very long range.

This versatile scope comes with many features that give the shoot an advantage when hunting. Some of the key features that this scope offers include the following;

  • You can adjust the intensity of the dot and choose between the colors of red and just green. Unlike some other dot sights you are just limited to one color.
  • It has a 30mm chassis that made from aluminum alloy.
  • Works in all weather conditions and is waterproof, fogproof and shockproof.
  • Comes equipped with lens caps to keep your lenses clean and protected when not in use.

Thanks for checking out our best rifle scope reviews and hope you found what you’re looking for.