Escort Escort C65 Radar Laser Detector Review

The Escort C65, the winner of Bestcovery’s Fourth Best Budget Radar Detector, is one of the most advanced radar, safety and laser detectors on the market. This isn’t your dad’s Fuzz Buster; this gadget tracks and displays full X, K, and Superwide Ka radar both in front and behind your vehicle. It also includes Safety Warning System displays. This nifty radar detector won’t break your budget either, with a price range of $185-$200.

Ultra Bright Display

The Escort C65 features an ultra bright led display—280 LEDs worth of bright. It tracks threat displays including signal strength of multiple signals and provides the numeric frequency for any signal you choose. The LED display also shows Safety Warning System messages.

Safety Warning System

The Safety Warning System (SWS) keeps you up to date with valuable information about the road ahead including:

  • Highway Maintenance/Construction Alerts
  • Highway Hazard Zone Advisories
  • Weather Related Hazards
  • Fast/Slow moving vehicles
  • Travel/Convenience Information

The Escort C65 radar detector can display as many as 64 different messages to keep you informed about what is happening on the road ahead of you. This is invaluable in low visibility conditions such as darkness, heavy precipitation, or fog.

The patented Smartcord will keep you out of trouble, hands down, by allowing you to reach down to mute the signal instead of up to the window.

This detector is a safe buy for anyone in town o on the roads, but the Safety Warning System makes it especially useful for those consumers who travel a lot of highway miles.


Having a radar detector is crucial especially if you’re someone who spends a lot or travels for a living. Having the best radar detector can help prevent you from getting a speeding ticket by letting you when a cop is near by before you will be able to see. So if you’re looking to find one that will help you avoid getting a speeding ticket then I would suggest checking out this bad boy.

However, if this doesn’t seem to be the one for you, there are hundreds of different models and brands to choose from on sites like Amazon and eBay. Just figure out your budget and narrow down your search to help you find the best radar detector within your budget. Radar detectors can come into a lot of handy for the right people and know how to use them correctly. Don’t be fooled by spending money on something that can save you money in the long run.

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