H.Ear on Wireless NC Headphone Review

There is nothing like a great pair of headphones that is wireless, has bluetooth, and has noise cancellation. I am talking about the Sony H. ear on wireless NC. The colors that are available are bright and enticing, which bring out the consumers selective eye. These vibrant headphones are the full and complete package that anybody could think of.

It feels just as good as having Lebron James on the basketball court scoring 32 points all in one second half of a game. It is that great, so it is undeniable that this is a premium product to invest in. It is foldable, which makes it more compact to take anywhere. It can be used with a wire or without. Hallelujah! The plastic covering does not feel cheap at all and comes with a pouch to place the headphones in.

The ear pads do not sit on your ear irritating you, it is around your ears. The headband is also expandable, so long hair will not be caught on it. It is also tight enough for security, but not too tight so it does not squeeze your head to give a headache like Beats headphone. When fully charged it can last up to twenty hours. It weights up to 10.23 oz, which is not too bad. The packaging includes the micro USB cable, the 3.5 millimeter audio cable, It is great for hands- free calls when driving, or trying to clean your room while blocking out the loud air conditioner.

The ear cups are covered with leather. The control buttons are all around the left ear cup of the headphones. It is made suitable for any smart phones. One of the best parts is the ability to connect to bluetooth. Just tap the phone on the headphone where the “N” logo is, thanks to the Near Field Communication.

Then you can stream music that simple.

On the left ear cup, it also includes the charging port, the power button, the cable input, and the active noise cancellation feature. On the right it has the volume control, and the multifunction switch. The switch is used to skip forward or backwards on songs, and to pause or play songs.

It includes the microphones for the noise cancellation are located on both

Although with all these qualities, the sound may be not be as loud as you would hope, due to the other qualities installed in the headphones. Compared to Bose QC25, the noise cancellation and sound is better. The Bose QC25 is just a little lighter too.

Although one thing might stop you from purchasing this beautiful manufactured product, the price. Now do not get choked when I tell you it costs about $350.00. It is worth because it lasts long, and the active noise cancellation is a very compelling factor in buying it.

I would definitely recommend these.

H.Ear on Wireless NC Headphones are one the top in its class for the price. If you want the best headphone for the money then i would highly suggest the H.Ear on Wireless NC Headphones.

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