Tommy Hilfiger Cologne Review

Once a man has discovered the power of grooming and presentation, he becomes unstoppable. His ego grows and an aura builds then instead of being thrown to the wolves, he comes back leading the pack by being the alpha. A man’s man knows what he wants and his scent becomes his signature.

Scent is an important and often overlooked key point to success in the game of life. How a person perceives you and remembers you can be a maker or breaker, do you linger like the piquant taste of a fine wine or do you fade away like a melting butter in a hot pan.

Tommy Hilfiger is some of the best cologne for men has the ‘right stuff’ in terms of what a modern man needs in a cologne; a classically balanced and elegant scent that carries a message of provocative sophistication in a single whiff.

Tommy Hilfiger Cologne Review

Think about what you look for in a good movie. The plot has to be fresh and exciting enough to catch your attention. Then there must be a good dose of spicy adrenaline inducing scenes that may include things blowing up or a gory standoff not forgetting flesh eating monsters. Last but not least the climatic conclusion must be a pleasant surprise and evocative enough to linger.

That is what wearing Tommy Hilfiger Cologne for men is like, a simulation of a good movie:

  • Exciting and refreshing top notes of minty rain.

  • Spicy middle notes of woody cinnamon.

  • Doesn’t have to strong of a smell that will scare the women away.

  • Has a longer lasting smell than your typical cologne.

  • Cost much cheaper than your average cologne on today’s market.

  • Evocative base notes of earth and amber that linger sensually.

Tommy Hilfiger was born in 1951 and made his name as a fashion guru of note with the younger generation and sourced the campus youngsters in 1969 with hip-funky fashion. He became a designer by in the seventies and went on to establish chain stores then by 1985 he launched his own label. He thrived as a businessman with excellent publicity skills and his designs eventually caught the eye of Snoop Doggy Dog, opening a door to another genre of clothes to market. By 1995, Tommy Hilfiger won the ‘Menswear Designer of the year’ by the Council of Fashion Designers of America and today he has a Fashion Empire.

In 1994, Aramis created Cologne for Tommy Hilfiger that had significance; he wanted to take the consumer on a scent journey through America and used different smells that triggered something to remind the consumer of a State. The top notes have a Lavender, Bergamot, Rain, Florida Grapefruit, Kentucky bluegrass and Midwest Spearmint. The Heart Notes include Driftwood, Apple pies (yum), Cranberry and Yellow Rose. The bass notes round the fragrance up with Blue Spruce, Cactus Flower, Vermont red Maple, Wyoming Cottonwood and Amber.


Tommy Hilfiger Cologne for men is a combination of zest and orient. This cologne is suited for all occasions like plotting corporate takeovers to seducing the girl next door. It also melds well in any situation whether skiing on the icy slopes of Switzerland to baking on the beaches of Tahiti. This scent is worthy of your attention so get ready to play…game, set and match. This Tommy Hilfiger is some of the best smelling cologne for men. The women really like the masculine smell that it releases. Ever since Tommy has launched his cologne and clothing line his reputation as grown stronger and stronger and more and more people have been buying his products.

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