Top Cologne for Men ideas for gift

For the people who don’t know, we men love our cologne and continually adding to our collection. Whether you are buying cologne for yourself, or for someone as a gift you can never go wrong by picking any one of these top 10 colognes for men. They all have that smell both men and women love very much. How would I know? Cause I’ve read several reviews and ratings from both genders perspective.

The Top 10 Cologne for Men Ideas

How we picked the top 10 men’s cologne

We have gather information and reviews from several well respected resource across the internet. One of the main sites we base our ratings on is the old trust Why? Why not, it’s one the most popular and reputable site in the world with real reviews from real customers like you and I. Our rating system is based out 5.0. We rate the product from other review and rating and calculate an overall rating based on all cologne.

Be careful where you buy cologne online

When major thing most people don’t know about buy cologne online is the all “fake” cologne that’s being sold. It’s actually and very huge market for people overseas to imitate the smell of actual real cologne and make it and sell it has its real, but it’s not. Thing like this you need to be careful and make sure where your buy the cologne is authentic.

It’s hard to tell if it’s fake or not until you get it and smell it if you familiar with the cologne. Some people don’t even notice as if it’s their first time buy it and don’t know or how long the smell should last. I prefer using amazon for a product like this, because you can read reviews about previous colognes bought and it’s a trusted website used by millions of people.

How to find your signature scent

Find the signature cologne for you can be tough due to all the different types of cologne for men on the market. It’s been proven in studies that a smell can bring back memories from the past and having signature cologne to have women remember you by is what we want. So let’s be sure to leave a good first impression that will be unforgettable by having the best mens cologne.

Shopping Online vs Offline

About the only perk you get when shopping for cologne off line is getting the same day you buy it. You will end up paying more for cologne off line than online any day of the week. Everyone knows by now you can get anything online for cheaper if you look in the right place. Amazon for an example has tons of great cologne and price that you can’t beat in a store.

Choosing to buy cologne online is a smarter idea if you have a little patience and can wait 2-3 extra days for your cologne to arrive in the mail.

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